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Have you been asked to submit an IT dissertation? Gathering information related to complicated software and computer systems is teasing you. Or you have been imprisoned in a torture cell of vast information to decide whether the information you have gathered is up to date or not. In any case, you have to worry no more as this article is going to make your IT dissertation unique. Following IT dissertation topics will help you understand that IT dissertations aren’t just collection about computer-based information:


Internet marketing is the most vital part of IT dissertation. IT has made it possible to make money online through e-marketing. “Marketing of products through the World Wide Web is known as e-marketing”. Today the basic tool in use for e-marketing is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rather SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEO is a web-based technique to enhance the traffic to your site without incorporation of any payment. It involves certain methods to increase the traffic. General methods involve link baiting, keyword search tools and adds-on.

5 Best Solutions against Mac/Windows Client Deployment

Being an IT dissertation writer, it’s necessary for you to discuss on 5 best solutions against Mac/Windows Client Deployment. They are as follow:

FileWave: Having the option of software management, it can automatically manage file sets among the work station. File wave client also query the server to check whether the desired updates are available or not.

LANrev: In contrast to FileWave, LANrev depends on updates and installation packages. It takes the snapshots of work station to create packages before & after the installation of software components.

Radmind: Radmind is not just a tool for the distribution of software around the work station. It serves as a security guard also because it can not only bring the client to its original state; it can also erase user-initiated settings.

LANDesk: LANDesk supports packaged based distribution for Mac and Windows. Beyond its deployment features, it also contains management license tools.

Altiris: Altiris supports package-based and disk image deployment options. It also covers an inventory management feature which supports patch management system.


Your IT dissertation will look incomplete without inclusion of e-commerce in it. E-commerce cycles around following businesses:

1. B2B (Business to Business): Companies doing business with each other. E.g. selling and buying involved in indirect channels intermediaries.

2. B2C (Business to Consumer): Companies doing business with the general public. E.g. Dell selling laptop online to the customer.

3. C2B (Consumer to Business): Companies bids consumer project online according to company’s requirements. E.g. Web blogger offering an advertising service.

4. C2C (Consumer to Consumer): This e-commerce deals with the online transactions of tangible or intangible products between two consumers. E.g. e-Bay auctions.

Future of IT

IT dissertation must include the preceding developments related to IT. Future of IT is assumed to be very bright. With the emergence of IT new technologies day-by-day, it seems that whole world is likely to adopt the Artificial Intelligence within the next decade. 4G communication is spreading throughout the world. Machine vision and solid state drives usage is increasing every day. These all are proofs for further advancement of IT in the next era.

I am sure that this IT dissertations will make you torture free now. Now you can write your IT dissertation with great ease, so sit relax and be optimistic.