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Dissertation Writing Or Writing Of An Essay

Writing a dissertation and writing an essay are both different process. You always need a plan to write a dissertation because in writing an essay you can take help from your class text books but in writing a dissertation you cannot take any help from your class text books. If you are writing an essay you have to put all your ideas in mind together and just start writing but in dissertation writing you have to scour through books, journal articles, attend conferences and collect papers. In dissertation writing help can also be taken from online resources, government publications and newspaper articles.

The main part of writing an essay is try to make a brainstorm about your essay without worrying about the opinions of your pars or advisers. Also try to undertake a preliminary study of research during this first phase of the writing of essay. As far as dissertation writing concerns the search should be very systematic and includes the information not available in library catalogue. Online libraries in these terms are very informative and unique search options rather then searching material in any other online databases of search engines.

After collecting all the material for your essay or dissertation you need a proposal to start the second stage of your writing. This proposal will define all your sections and strategy of the work. Mark my words if dissertation proposal have all the criticality then your dissertation writing will be statically right other wise you will definitely be suffering.

There is also an important factor when writing your dissertation or essay which you should be aware of. Plagiarism or infringing copyrights is something that you should be aware of. If you want to escape plagiarism then there are some general rules which you have to encounter:

• Try not to use ideas of other peoples
• Try not to use words as they have been used in lectures, WebPages, books and articles.
• You can take ideas of other people but have to write it in your own way or in your own words.

Thats all not the last stage of your dissertation or essay writing process. The last thing tat you will have to make is to defend your essay In front of four or five people and in dissertation case you have to defend your dissertation help In front of your professor or advisor. You must always completely prepare to defense your essay or dissertation. Only good qualified student can get rid of these fears because good students always get help from experts.

This will give you a good idea of what you must do, however, the best manner of preparing of presenting your essay or dissertation is to approach it like an educational presentation. To do this we will correctly enable you to structure and organize your defense of essay or dissertation. By breaking up your dissertation or essay in to four shares, The whole process will be easier and your final work will leave extremely well.

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