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Writing A Dissertation Proposal

The main purpose of a dissertation proposal is to prove each of the following: * the problem is significant enough to warrant investigation; * the method one plans to use is suitable and feasible; * the results are likely to be fruitful and will make an original contribution.

The dissertation proposal will provide a general idea of what the dissertation writer is proposing to research, but it does not have to be a final, binding commitment. It can serve as a starting point for discussions with the writer's supervisor about topic, methodology, and mechanics of research.

While the structure of a standard proposal is not set in stone, a typical proposal includes the following: * aims and objectives * significance * review of previous research in the area and justification for further research * proposed methods * expected outcomes and their importance * requirements for equipment, materials, field trips, and funding (if applicable) * approximate time by which each stage will be completed

The length of the writing a dissertation proposal can range from 3-4 pages to 30-40 pages, depending on the requirements of a particular department in a particular university.

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