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Emotional Intelligence - Applications Of Free Sample Dissertations!

Recent trends in educational show that we are gradually moving towards a complete acceptance of the idea of emotional intelligence. This is evident in today's school curriculum where students are given activities which encourage them to interact with one another on a personal level. The theories of emotional intelligence tell us that when people start interacting with each other comfortably, they are more successful in their endeavors. This shows us that emotion is an important as intellect in the work place and in schools as well.

Schools continue to remain the mentors of personalities in human beings. It is at school that our personalities take their initial shape, right secondary to home. Schools today are working towards involving emotional intelligence into their practices but we are still milestones away from the day that emotional intelligence will be given equal importance to IQ levels at schools, and the mentors of this philosophy wait for that day with patience.

While many educationists still wonder on the good of involving emotive teachings in the school curriculum, there are others who are convinced that dealing with emotions in school on a regular basis will not only help them teach the students better but will also be instrumental in forming better personalities in their students.

The idea of teaching emotional intelligence in schools is a relatively new one, so educationists who do want to involve this in the school curriculum are sometimes at a loss of materials to work with. The internet can help here, as it is an almost infinite source of information. You can find a lot of psychology writing on the internet, which is free for all to download and read at leisure. Still , there are many institutions that are yet to recognize that involving EQ in schools will make better learners out of their students.

A good place to look for information on emotional intelligence is the dissertation help on the subject written by psychologists around the globe. You could find many such writings published over the internet. While using the writing to publish your own material is a definite no-no, you could learn a lot about structuring your own EQ courses keeping them in mind. Maybe you could involve the authors and give them due credit where needed. No doubt any eager masters' student who has published on the topic will be eager to help put their learning into practice in an educational institution.

There remains no doubt that emotional intelligence and the ideas behind it are here to stay. We will soon see more and more schools incorporating it in the class rooms. People who have written dissertations on the subject could provide valuable insight into the subject to educationists.

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