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Dissertation Writing Action Plan

Writing dissertation isn’t an easy task. You can’t just start whenever you want. You have to follow a proper way and path to accomplish your dissertation on time and in proper way.

Choosing a topic itself is a grueling task; then dissertation research method, let the dissertation on a side. You have to give your full concentration and time to your dissertation project. It’s not an essay writing that you can complete in a day or two. Your degree and your future depend on this academic project.

Here is an example action plan. Take a look at that and devise one for yourself, which is suitable for your own context, subject discipline and length of time available.

1. Background reading

Follow interesting ‘trails’, until one leads to a provisional question or ‘thesis’

2. Finalize your dissertation topic and title

More background and focused reading on your chosen aspect of the topic

Agreement of title after you chose your dissertation topic.

3. Literature search

Look what has already been written about your topic? Seek out up-to-date resources and current studies going on, asking for help from library staff.

Investigate methodological issues, implications of particular dissertation research methods and ethical issues.

4. Dissertation plan, informed by your literature search

Reflect on methodological issues in writing and revising your dissertation plan.

Overview of dissertation methods

5. Develop dissertation plan

Begin to conduct your research and gather evidence or data using the research method you decide

6. Gathering evidence or data

7. Begin to analyze evidence or data

9. Use initial findings to begin to draft the dissertation.

In the meantime continue to analyze and evaluate evidence or data

10. Refine assignment plan and develop draft,

Focus on adopting an appropriate academic tone and style, together with accurate, reader-friendly presentation of evidence

11. Continue drafting and refining

12. Complete draft, Refine style, Completed draft

13. Apply self-evaluation checklist again

Last refinements of written style and presentation; final check of data and its presentation

14. Produce final assignment

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