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Dissertation Writing Plan That Actually Works

Now its time to write your dissertation and sure it’s not as pleasant as you think. Writing a dissertation is always a troubling matter for many in fact for almost all the students. But if we plan to do something in a proper way, than chances are we can have it as we like to. So applying the same theory over dissertation writing and the important part of it i.e. dissertation literature reviews, we have a four step plan that will help you a lot in your dissertation writing project.

First Step

Be organized. You should know what you need to write, and how to write a literature review. You can't write a dissertation without planning what you are going to say about your proposed topic. It’s better to make a list of the points you plan to cover - a word or two is enough. After that organize the research material and notes that you will use.

Second Step

Try to get your hands over some past dissertations on similar or related topic. Read it and try to get some points for your dissertation. Observe the style and flow of writing and try to obtain it. Pay special attention on how to do a literature review.

Third Step

Write as much material as you can, get it down first and then edit it. Don’t start editing while writing. Your writing does not have to be perfect the first time. Get the words down, and then go back and refine where necessary.


Save whatever you have written. You sure don’t like to know that dissertation page or chapter you worked so hard to write has disappeared due to hard disk failure, or some power surge hits your computer. Always save your dissertation writing work in multiple places: hard drive, flash drive or CD. And if possible make print out of sections as they are finished so you get an idea about how your work looks like on paper.

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