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Writing Your History Research Paper

People who are studying history at university might need to write a history research paper or right a thesis to get their degree. Also, those who want to pursue their further education in this medium of art might need to write a history research paper to secure admission in a university.

For this purpose, they need a top quality research paper that gives the reader an insight into their intellect and aptitude. These two factors make sure that they receive the highest grades in their history research paper.

Important Components of your History Research Paper

Your history research paper should be an intellectual piece of understanding combined with your deep analytical thinking and arguments. It should reflect your individual thoughts blended with the text you are referring to, and contain proper quotations and citations that add value to your research paper. Some of the most important components of your history research paper have been discussed below.


The topic of your history research paper should be interesting and gripping. It should entice the reader to go through it from the beginning to end. Your topic should be carefully chosen keeping in mind your area of interest or the historical period you have been assigned to cover in your research paper. It should be clear and precise and indicate what is going to come in the main body.

The Main Body

The main body consists of the actual text or the arguments on which you base your research paper. In the body you will actually present your arguments, analyze them and give your opinion and support it with relevant quotes. It is here that you will be presenting your case and either defending or opposing it. Also, it is here that the main discussion on the historical events will be carried out.

It is this part of the research paper that your examiner will be most interested in. S/he will read it thoroughly and decide if your research paper actually stands a chance of getting you the desired grades.

The Introduction and Conclusion

The introduction and conclusion are equally essential parts of your history research paper. The introduction will establish the topic to the readers that you have chosen as well as tell them about the importance of that topic so as to arouse their interest in your research paper.

On the other hand, the conclusion will bring a dignified end to your research paper. It will tie all the loose threats of thoughts and bring your research paper to finish. In the conclusion whatever you discussed in your paper will be wrapped up with a concluding statement. Make sure that your conclusion says the same thing as your body otherwise your research paper will lose all its importance.

Quotations and References

Quotations and references are the breath and soul of your history research paper. You can support the claims and statements and arguments that you made in your history research paper with proper and relevant quotations. Make sure that you always take quotations from a reliable or well known source.

Mentioning the references is imperative as your examiner needs to know from where you have got the idea or the quotation you mentioned in your research paper. History is a very vast subject and along with proper and relevant references there is misleading information too that has been rejected by the historians. Also, there are numerous fake and fraud internet websites, books or encyclopedias that misguide students. Thus, when you check for quotes and references make sure you consult a reliable source. Writing a history research paper is not an easy task.

However, with proper study and research, it can be accomplished very easily. Keeping in mind all these important components of a history research paper can help you produce a standard research paper and get your desired grades.

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