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Dissertation Research Methodology And The Three Why’s

Dissertation Research Methodology is no doubt an important part of a dissertation project. Even it can make or break your project.

Dissertation Research Methodology means being aware of the way in which you do something and being able to justify why you did it that way. Each academic discipline has a number of different sets of methods for conducting research.

Referring to the choice as well as usage of particular strategies, tools for data congregation and analysis, the Dissertation Research Methodology chapter represents a key component in dissertation writing. Some methodologies embrace both data gathering and analysis, such as content analysis, ethnography and semiotic analysis. Others apply either to gathering or analyzing data:

Generally there are two known dissertation research methods for completing your dissertation methodology.

Quantitative Dissertation Research Methodology
Qualitative Dissertation Research Methodology

For instance qualitative research is characterized by emphasizing on describing, understanding, and explaining complex phenomenon on studying, for example, the relationships, patterns and configurations among factors; or the context in which activities occur. The focus is on considering the full multi-dimensional, dynamic depiction of the theme of study.

One method of researching literature is to examine all the texts by a particular author; another method is to analyze one text in close detail. Similarly one method of conducting research is semi-structured interviews, another is case studies – each is suitable for finding different levels and types of information. Again, these will generate very unlike types of information on the subject of the texts. In your dissertation you will select a method or may be a mix of few methods and use it as the model for how you go about your research.

When deciding on whether to utilize a qualitative versus quantitative dissertation research methods, there are a number of issues to consider. One methodology is not “better” or “easier” than the other. Each approach has different theoretical goals for answering specific research questions.

Here are the three Why’s for consideration while you write your dissertation or dissertation research methodology chapter.

1. Think about why you chose the method you did
2. Why is it the most appropriate way of finding an answer to your research question?
3. Are there any other methods you might have used…why didn’t you choose them?

This awareness of why you did your research in a certain way and your ability to explain and justify these choices is a vital part of your dissertation project.

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