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13 Points To Help You In Formatting Your Dissertation

Dissertation is one of the most important element, as well as the most crucial stage, of the academic life. Dissertation pertains to the final gauge that measures up how well students have understood their respective scholastic studies. This involves the actual application of all vital knowledge that every student has absorbed in his university years, duly accounted in paper.

But it’s not just writing your dissertation, the presentation itself is as important as dissertation project. You have to format it, get the dissertation proof reading done and present it in a dissertation way. It’s a good idea to decide on the look of your document at the outset. While a well written and presented dissertation is not necessarily a good dissertation, attention to below points will certainly make it better.

Generally, do not use abbreviations

Start each section of your dissertation on a new page

Stay away from having single, stray lines of text at the top or bottom of pages if they form part of a paragraph

Apply double spacing

Inscribe on one side of the page only

Quotations and notes can be written in single line spacing

Use standard default for margins; don’t try to stuff too much on a page

Add charts, figures, number tables and suitable captions where necessary

Material that is not part of the main argument should be included as an appendix

Short quotations should be set apart in their own indented paragraphs

Use lower case, normal font for your text saving italics and bold for headings and special words

Justified text looks neater

Numbers from one to nine are conventionally written as words, with those greater than 10 written as numbers

Editing and criticizing your dissertation project is much better then when the same work will be done by the professor. You may also get help of dissertation editors. If a section of text is untidy, it will pay to make the effort to improve it. Take out a section of text if it is not necessary; don’t stubbornly hold on to a well crafted paragraph just because it took you a whole morning to put it together. Above all, a good UK dissertation should be easy to read; it should flow from start to finish in a logical order.

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