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A New Introduction Is Needed When You Turn Your Dissertation Into A Book


You cannot use the introduction of your dissertation when you convert it into a book. These are two different writing projects. The introduction to your dissertation served its purpose. Now you are writing for a different purpose. Your new introduction should serve that purpose.

ESTABLISHES IDEA OF YOUR BOOK The introduction establishes the central idea of your book. It should be clear, concise and interesting. Therefore, it should be written and rewritten until you cannot make it any better.

AN IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR BOOK Your book begins with the introduction. It should be polished and clearly written. Your introduction lays out a journey for the reader to take. Make them want to take this journey with you.

DRAWS READERS INTO YOUR BOOK The introduction is the first thing people read when they open your book. It must be compelling to convince them to purchase it and spend several hours reading it. Spend the time that is needed on it.

Your introduction should sound interesting. You are writing your introduction to appeal to a wide audience. However, it should not give away everything that is inside your book. If it did, your audience would only have to read the introduction to know the contents of your dissertation writing book.

You should present your introduction in a manner that shows you are interested in the subject matter. Whether they agree with you or not, your audience should want to know what you have to say after reading the introduction to your book.

The introduction is also what will make an editor want to read your book. It gives a clear idea of how you present your ideas. Make it as strong as possible.

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