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The Audience Of Your Thesis Or Research Paper

Some people may be baffled by the concept of an “audience” for a research paper. A common folly found in many young and inexperienced scholars is their thinking that they are only dissertation writing for a professor when composing their paper. The other extreme is found in others who think they are addressing a vague multitude called the “society” or somebody belonging to the academic circle. Both these thought processes may prove ineffectual and even harmful for the paper. The former view is too constricted whereas the latter is in many ways to broad a spectrum for a specialized paper to encompass.

According to most scholarly views the actual audience consists of the existent and the anticipated. The existent or real audience may be the professor, a fellow student, a tutor or someone from the scholastic milieu. The important thing to be considered here is that research papers do not work on the premise of individual correspondence. Thus it is very important to keep the intended or anticipated audience in mind whilst composing the work.

How to approach something as vague as an anticipated audience? Well instructors opine that the best possible approach is to deem one’s instructor as part of a larger academic circle. This lends more responsibility to the work as such a demanding audience will expect the paper to have and contribute something significant to the spectrum of work already done in that field.

One must consider him or herself as part of an appreciative academic circle while writing the dissertation paper.

However the question arises as to the reason behind having a definite and specific audience in mind; scholars believe it renders more purpose to the work and also influences the dialectic and diction used in the paper. Thus, the overall quality of the paper rises and in most cases it is considered fit to be deemed a responsible and beneficial academic work.

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