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FYJC Academic Year 2015-16 Marks

Arabic (Arts)First TestOral
BiologyFirst Test
Book-keeping & Acc.First TestProject
ChemistryFirst Test
Computer Science - 1First Test
Computer Science - 2First Test
Economics - ArtsFirst TestProject
Economics - CommerceFirst TestProject
Electronics - 1First Test
Electronics - 2First Test
English (Arts)First TestOral
English (Commerce)First TestOral
English (Science)First TestOral
EVS (Arts)Project
EVS (Commerce)Project
EVS (Science)Project
Gujarati (Arts)First TestOral
Gujarati (Commerce)First TestOral
Gujarati (Science)First TestOral
Hindi (Arts)First TestOral
Hindi (Commerce)First TestOral
Hindi (Science)First TestOral
HistoryFirst TestProject
LogicFirst TestProject
Marathi (Arts)First TestOral
Marathi (Commerce)First TestOral
Marathi (Science)First TestOral
Mathematics (Commerce)First TestProject
Mathematics (Science)First TestProject
Org. of CommerceFirst TestProject
PE (Arts)First Test
PE (Commerce)First Test
PE (Science)First Test
Persian (Arts)First TestOral
PhilosophyFirst TestProject
PhysicsFirst Test
Political ScienceFirst TestProject
Psychology (Arts)First TestProject
Psychology (Science)First TestProject
Secretarial PracticeFirst TestProject
Urdu (Arts)First TestOral
Urdu (Commerce)First TestOral
Urdu (Science)First TestOral

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