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How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review?

Your literature review signifies how extensively you have read and how methodical your research is. It’s an in-depth account of previous research done by students in your area of study. Writing a literature review is an extremely essential part of your dissertation writing progression. You must not only make confident how it is written, you need to also know how to classify it and where you can find related information from.

1. Make sure you identify with the difference between literature review and annotated bibliography.
2. You start on writing your literature review by knowing what it contains. For example, the preface defines what your literature appraisal is about.
3. Declare how others are wrong by behind your argument.
4. You must also discuss the gaps in understanding and propose where further research is necessary
5. You may also talk about how the work of other authors differs from yours, in your area of study.

Dissertation Literature Review Research:

Because your literature reviews express how wide your research was, doing just a little research won’t be sufficient and, as a result, won’t prove your command over the subject. You will research by going throughout articles, journals, books and periodicals. Other than that, also read a few prewritten literature reviews, related to your topic. gather as much information as possible.

After You Write Literature Review – Organize It Properly:

After doing systematic research, you require to get knowledge to organize your literature review while you write it. When you go through prewritten literature reviews, notice how they are organized. Also, discuss with your guide that how you can put all the information together.

The effort to writing a literature review effectively is to know what it contains, how to combine it and where to collect applicable information from.

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