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Following THESE GUIDELINES AND put YOUR RESEARCH WORK IN THE suitable section AND YOUR DISSERTATION arrangement uncertainties will remove.

start with the heading of your dissertation. It should be in caps and centered.

Give some space of at least 4 lines minimum and write your name also in the center.

State you’re above degree if any after giving at least one line space followed by the year of graduation of the previous degree.

Now give an additional 4 line space minimum and state the reason you are submitting this dissertation. The most obvious reason being it is a partial fulfillment for you to attain your degree.

After a new 4 line gap state your department and month and name of your university along with the year of your graduation.


It should be one paragraph abbreviation the whole dissertation.
It should include all the considerable points of the dissertation.


Appreciate to those who have support you

Mention the references of those peoples who were concerned with your thesis writing task. You may contain the following people in your list:
Supervisor, Teachers, Professors, Advisors, Librarians, Laboratory, assistants, Colleagues, Parents, Friends

Table of contents

It should include Chapters and/or sections & sub-sections with page numbers

Start with a heading “table of contents”
At least 3 line gap then write the chapters and along them their page numbers.


A testimonial of the dissertation setback: what are problem? Why does it need to be solved?

Conversation about the meaning of your study: who will advantage from your research findings? In what sense will your effort add to what is already known and confirmed?
Brief suggestion of the dissertation study: What is your hypothesis and proposal? In what way are you going to solve the problem, e.g., collect data, and examine data? What are the restrictions of the study?

Main body/discussion/literature review

The particulars, evidence, analysis, evaluation and discussion.

All your study material put into this section.

All very well planned.


In methodology you state

• population size
• data collection method
• and your survey findings

Conclusion and Recommendations

A dissertation end is where you carry it all together, mention very clearly your answer to your middle question and if appropriate making recommendation, suggestions etc

A dissertation proposal should comprise what you think should be done after all your research regarding your subject.

In a dissertation ending you should

• Be accurate.
• Sum up all your work in the dissertation end.
• Always state your findings from the questionnaires and statistical tools if you have used any in your dissertation conclusions.
• Be resourceful. Show some new ideas.
• Use diagram for reference in your recommendation.


Bibliography is a whole list of your sources, appropriately formatted.

I am ensure that you must understand all the points
How to structure dissertation methodology, proposal etc. I tried to write a comprehensive article that would meet all your requirements and answer your questions.

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