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Political Dissertation – A Reply to: What? When? How?

What? When? How? These 3 question marks usually build up when someone has been asked to submit a Political dissertation. But these question marks play a major role to any Political dissertation. Seeking answers to preceding question marks can help you develop a Political Science Dissertation that one has never seen before.

How to proceed further!

It’s better for one-self to remain calm and neutral while designing a Political dissertation but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t criticize the political system having wrong conducts. Do criticize the political system in your Political dissertation if you have concrete reasons behind that.

Is Politics and Political Science - Same Thing?

At first, you should clarify the difference between Politics and Political Science in your Political dissertation. Politics is simply who gets: What? When? How? In contrast to politics, Political science is used to study governmental policies and behaviors. Who? This question serves as authority in politics. Why politics is a subject? Answer to the question is simple i.e. to stabilize the society/country in terms of economy, justice or needs.

How one should view Politics?

You should conceive yourself as a Politician for your Political dissertation and search for clues to answer the following questions:

1. What goals a state should establish?
2. What actions are required to accomplish goals of the state?
3. When should goals of state be accomplish to achieve valuable outcomes?
4. When should a decision for state be made?
5. How should governmental practices and situations be evaluated?
6. How should political controversies be resolved?

Subdivisions of Political Science

It’s highly in interest of you to incorporate the subdivisions of Political Science for your Political Science dissertation.

1. Political Philosophy: Concerns with the relationship of individuals with the state.
2. Comparative Politics: Analysis of Political systems of country within and across geographical regions.
3. International Relations: Deals with foreign affairs and global issues among states within an International System.
4. Political Methodology: Quantitative methods to study politics.
5. Public Policy: Attempt of Government to handle public issues.
6. Public Law: Laws for nation’s citizens, administrative agencies and government leaders constitutes a Public Law.
7. Public Administration: Execution of governmental policies.

Democracy versus Dictatorship

It’s a good idea to enforce these two political terms to give your Political dissertation, an opinionated look. There is not even single government on earth with pure democracy. Because every single person has authority and responsibility for a democratic government; therefore the democratic concept by the people, of the people and for the people is not as much powerful as the concept of dictatorship. It means dictatorship usually dominates over democracy.

Political Decisions

Sometimes government has to take decisions which can alter expected outcomes. Such risky political decisions serve ethically i.e. may be in favour of the country or may lead to the devastation of state. Following examples would get you grasp the reasons behind such risky decisions:

1. Government isolates a particular part from the state.
2. Inability of government to convert local currency to hard currency.
3. Government has to show its nuclear resources across the globe.


Frankly speaking, writing a Political dissertation requires a deep interest in Politics. If you have attraction towards political leaders; then no one can stop you to create an exclusive Political dissertation.

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