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Psychology Dissertation-Not So Crazy as It Looks

Have you been asked to submit a Psychology dissertation? If that’s the case; then most likely your psyche might be going out of your reach. In order to reach it, all you need to do is to think as a psychologist and start the psychotherapy of your mind as writing a psychology dissertation requires a fresh mind not a dull one. Of course, psychology dissertations are hard to be prepared. There are few psychology dissertation examples available on the World Wide Web and each psychology dissertation isn’t of great use. After reading this article, you won’t have any trouble in preparing a Psychology dissertation one of its own kind.

What Psychology is!

Psychology is simply the study of mental life behaviors. What influences the minds of humans or animals? Why do humans behave differently with regard to their surroundings? All these questions link to Psychology. They are a necessity of any Psychology dissertation.

Psychological Terms

Following terms are very vital to make your Psychology dissertation authentic.

1. Human Nature: Common way of feeling, thinking and acting due to human instinct comprises human nature. It should be a core element for your Psychology dissertation.

2. Ethics: Ethics develop a conduct which might look right from one end and may look wrong the other way round.

3. Society: The way community lives together to provide mutual benefits develop a society.

4. Sensation and Perception: The way we sense our environmental surroundings through our sense organs i.e. tongue (taste), hand (touch), eye (sight), nose (smell) and ear (hear) develops Sensation and the way we interpret such sensation give rise to our Perception. Psychology dissertations won’t look complete without Sensation and Perception.

5. Learning: Acquiring new knowledge, skills or behaviors develop learning.

6. Memory: The way information is stored, recalled or transformed among organisms constitutes a memory.

7. Cognition: Distinct ways of individual thinking forms cognition.

A Brief History of Psychology

Before 1879, a German philosopher derived the word psychology from ‘psyche’ and defined it as the study of soul (Philosophical view); then William Wundt near the end of 19th century classified psychology as a mental science (Physiological View) and around the mid of 20th century, John Watson positioned psychology as a science of behavior (Psychological View); this definition has become a standard now as our behavior reflects our feelings, act or thinking. These views are critical issues of Psychology dissertation.

Main Branches of Psychology

1. Abnormal Psychology: Depression to obsession shifts and sexual deviations are part of this field.

2. Adult Psychology: Behavioral Study of youth comprises Adult Psychology.

3. Biological Psychology: It’s used to uncover enriched information within an organism.

4. Clinical Psychology: How to cure the patients from mental disorders gives rise to Clinical Psychology.

5. Cognitive Psychology: It works well to develop the understanding internal mental processes of organisms.

6. Developmental Psychology: It deals with the developmental changes among human beings during their lives.

7. Energy Psychology: How do mind and soul works in different circumstances create the Energy Psychology?

8. Language Psychology: How human genes are programmed to adopt distinct languages? Language Psychology answers it.

9. Personality Psychology: The answer to the question: Why individual’s attributes differ from each other? Lies in this field.

10. Physiological Psychology: To study the working of nonhuman animals psyche, Physiological Psychology plays a major role.


Now you would have been clarified that Psychology dissertations act as a test for your psyche; therefore in order to clear it, you should incorporate natural elements in a Psychology dissertation.

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