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If you are not sure how your dissertation on knowledge management should start or you are clumsy to write on knowledge management dissertation. In either case, you should baffle no more. Of course writing dissertation on knowledge management is not an easy task but it’s not impossible too. Following guidelines will help you understand how one should proceed on knowledge management dissertation:

1. What KM stands for? Before you start writing on knowledge management dissertation you must understand what KM stands for. KM stands for knowledge management. Knowledge management involves strategic practices in organizations to develop insights and experiences among their employees in an effective and efficient manner.

2. Purpose of Knowledge Management: You must know what purpose knowledge management serves for before moving on to the dissertation on knowledge management. Knowledge management is a natural function of any human resource organization. The main purpose of knowledge management is to enhance the knowledge process in order to achieve a better outcome.

3. What is the difference between knowledge management and operational management? In contrast to operational management, knowledge management not only deals to produce outcomes, it also incorporates the integration of outcomes to generate whole new results. This difference is better to be included in dissertation on knowledge management to clear the conflict between knowledge and operational management.

4. Knowledge Management Processes: Your knowledge management dissertation is incomplete if you do not discuss following processes:

• Knowledge Production: “The knowledge management process which involves the development of new knowledge and non-routine knowledge outcome”.

• Knowledge Integration: “The knowledge management process in which the new knowledge is developed among employees of an organization”.

5. Knowledge Management Strategies: There are 4 strategies to be mentioned in a knowledge management dissertation:

a. Change Management: In this strategy, HR deals to handle the change of people, structure and technology in an organization.

b. Best Practices: The method considered to be an efficient one to produce advance outcomes is concerned with this strategy.

c. Risk Management: The assessment of risks to minimize the probability of errors and control the desired outcome is associated with Risk Management.

d. Benchmarking: In benchmarking technique; HR rewards the employees after assessing their performance.

6. Knowledge Management System: In knowledge management dissertation, KM system must be discussed. Knowledge management system comprises of structured management information system (MIS) to create, store or record information i.e. vital for people either through Artificial Intelligence, Network maps or documentation.

7. Distinct Views on Knowledge Management: Discussing views of KM gives a complete new outlook to knowledge management dissertation:

• Ethnocentric View: This view focuses to enhance knowledge with an emergence of any unique technology.

• Process View: This view is developed to share information about new knowledge outcomes among people.

• Theoretical View: This view is based on the basic concept of underlying truth and knowledge.

• People View: This view is associated with people’s perception about development of knowledge.

This article on KM dissertation will surely provide you affluent information regarding the knowledge management dissertation and now you will take the dissertation on knowledge management lightly.