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Want to Write a Great Dissertation? Get Influenced!

Who said you have to be totally original to write a great university dissertation. If you were that good, you'd be the professor, not the student. So a certain level of amateur content is permitted. Just don't copy a sample essay word-for-word. That's a guarantee of doom. Read the Classics Dissertation, understand what it says, and then promptly forget what's written.

Seeing a sample essay is very helpful for any essay writer. Ask your friends and seniors for a sample dissertation that was well-appreciated. In fact it won't hurt even asking your professor as long as the topic of the sample dissertation you ask for is not the same as your essay.

When you get a good Classics Dissertation, observe its style. Check how it's written, how the topics are organized, how it is structured, the type of words used. Your aim is to identify all the positive things about the sample essay so that you can incorporate the same positive qualities in your essay too.

Also try to look for flaws that make the sample essay weak and should be avoided in your writing. It's easier to find flaws in someone else's writing than your own and if you learn to spot all the common mistakes with the help of the sample dissertation, you won't make the same mistakes yourself.

So it's a good idea asking for a Classics Dissertation that was very well received, and a sample essay that was considered a failure. The good one will tell you what to do, and the bad one will tell you what not to do. Armed with this twin knowledge, you will know exactly how to prepare your own dissertation.

The last thing you need to remember is: never copy the Classics Dissertation that somebody else has handed over. These are the days of copy scape and tech-savvy professors. If your dissertation is copied from a sample essay, the professor might find out and then you could get a very bad grade. Try to put in your original thoughts even if you're not very confident.

You can also employ outside help in honing the dissertation, getting it edited and verifying that the concepts explained in it are all original. Use the sample dissertation for style, not for content. Plagiarism is like using an axe on your own foot. In fact stop looking at the sample essay when you start writing your own dissertation. Otherwise you might get influenced at the subconscious level and make the mistake of copying something.

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