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This guide is based on recommendations of the fifth edition of the handbook of publication of the American psychological association published by American psychological association (2001). This publication on line is by no means a substitute product for this book, which is a resource extended for students occupied in serious research in behavioral psychology and social sciences and. If the guides on line like this one - and other summaries of model of APA in handbooks of composition, etc - are not enough, the students should buy the handbook of publication of APA for their personal use or borrow it from a library. The copies should be available in libraries of university and university and in the public libraries.

Another guide of research of the capital Training institute Higher, based on the model of documentation recommended by the modern association of language, is also accessible on line. That the guide contains many suggestions about obtaining started on research tasks and a report/ratio on the prevention of the plagiarism which should prove to be useful for the researchers of beginning.

We also recommend run of instruction in line of qualifications of library and information of capital Training institute Higher like introduction to be used the library and the resources on line. The book of work has chapters on finding books and articles of newspaper, using databases of CD-ROM, discovering resources on the Internet, of the critical qualifications of thought involutes, and conceiving a strategy of research. It would be an good idea to pass by the book of work before beginning an important research project.

Research tasks of APA-Model of sample, gone up by Judy DeLisle, at the Training institute Higher of Valence in Florida, will show you not only exactly what to look at your paper would owe like, but contain the suggestions about the writing of paper. The text which you seen that, there is really about writing a research paper of APA-model.

The handbook of APA contains much material on the art of the research writing itself, which this guide cannot enter. We recommend, however, the capital the 'guide of S of grammar and the writing, which provides numerical hundreds of alms about grammar and model, more than 170 plays computer-evaluated, councils on the writing of test, and place to put questions about grammar and the writing.

In the model of APA, the sources in a research paper are enumerated alphabetically on separated from the references directed by page. It follows the final page of the text and is numbered. The entries appear in the alphabetical order according to the family name of the author; two work or more beside the same author appears in the chronological order at the date of the publication date. When there are two books or more or articles by the same author, repeat the name of the author in each entry.

When the use of the hyperlinked examples below, it is important to follow the model suggested closely, even with the spacing of the periods, the commas, etc

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