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Key Points To Consider When Choosing Your Dissertation Title

The major concern many doctoral candidates have is the selection of dissertation topic. In some cases a topic just comes naturally out of past projects and coursework, but for most people it is a very hefty confront.

Selecting a topic is at the core of any dissertation project, because the dissertation title is what drives the proposal, the prospectus, and dissertation. It’s better to pick the broad topic as early as possible, so that you get a chance to think about it in your research classes. The goal is to be familiar with the relevant literature on your broad topic. If you don’t have something in your job that is interesting, pick something that does fascinate you. Narrowing the actual research question will be done with your dissertation adviser and perhaps your committee because they will know what data you can access.

Here are some key points that will help you in selecting sparking dissertation ideas for your topic writing project.

Choose a Subject Area First — Then Chose Topic

The more information you consume in your broad subject area, the more patterns will emerge.

Make Sure The Topic Is Interesting

It is imperative that both you and your advisor are interested in your thesis/dissertation topic.

The Research Problem Must Be Worthy Of Your Time

Choosing dissertation titles that are compelling enough to sustain further research is critical.

Make Your Research Topic Original

The prerequisite for finding a new research topic is to be informed because most things have been studied before.

Choose a Solvable And Manageable Research Problem

It is important to select a problem that is narrow enough that you can address it or solve it in a reasonable period of time.

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