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MBA Dissertation: Managing Creativity And Innovation

Consider the following points while writing a theses on Managing Creativity and Innovation.

There are a number of critical issues to master in the art of creativity and innovation management:

• What are the critical differences between creativity and innovation? Are different competencies required?

• Do "creative people" have common characteristics and, if so, what are they? Are they stable across situations?

• Can creativity be learned and developed or is it a special gift? Why is it that some people just are more creative?

• Why is motivation more important than nature or nurture? How can it be enhanced, measured and managed?

• Blocks and unlocking. Organisational culture. We can all be more creative, so what is stopping us? What properties of an organisational culture cultivate productivity?

• What properties of an organisational structure foster creativity and innovation? Organisational structure results from a number of factors and modifying it is often not desireable, so how do we get around this?

• What is the most effective team structure?

• What is the role of knowledge? How do we effectively collaborate and use networks to frame-break and reduce path dependency? How do we tap into tacit knowledge? Does mastering all the literature foster creativity and innovation or does over-specialisation cause blinkered vision?

• What are the differences between radical and incremental creativity and the consequences for structures, processes, skills and resources? Is it wiser to target radical or incremental ideas?

• Is there value in structure and goals or is "do your best" more effective?

• Is there a process that makes insight, eureka, the aha! experience more likely? Does this process allow us to produce a stream of consistently good ideas?

• How do we value an idea, so as to decide how to invest resources? How do we risk manage the innovation process.

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