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2007 Case Study; From Academia Thesis To Business Plan; Can You Cut The Mustard?

Many folks in modern liberal academia enjoy the sport of dumping on capitalism and condemning the business world. Perhaps they forget that it took a contractor, businessman to build the University in the first place. What is most interesting is that many in the “publish or perish” world of academia truly aspire to be business people.

Can these Professors go from Academia Thesis and White Paper writing and get down and dirty writing a Business Plan? Can they cut the mustard? Well, unfortunately professors generally make really horrible businessmen and they cannot compete well in the real world.

Yet their authoritative views of capitalism still never change. Thus the favorite quote about business people to academia is; Those who can’t teach.

Being a businessman myself I truly believe that, in fact every time I try to put away the stereotype, it pops back up again. Academics other than the Business Professors cannot even write a business plan. Sure they have all sorts of nifty business ideas and concepts they are sure will make them a multi-millionaire over night. But without a good solid, perhaps even peer reviewed business plan; they are merely blowing smoke.

It is like they need a Master dissertation to get a degree, but in the business world there are no guarantees even if you have a brilliant Master Thesis (Bus Plan). You may find no one interested or it might take you a long time. But nothing good in life is easy and to get to Step 1, you need a business plan.

When an academic comes up with a business idea they need to have one, so they need to develop one. Then they can search for the proper investor who is the right fit. Why is it that academia attacks the business world so much? I certainly appreciate you reading all my articles on this subject of Winning. Thanks again and Godspeed. Perhaps this article is of interest to propel thought in 2007?

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