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Speedy Article Writing - 5 Simple Steps You Must Know

Do you want to know the secrets to speedy article writing that will help promote your web page or even make you money? Many people are put off article writing because they think it will take too long to write a good article and even longer to build up a good article portfolio that can be use to generate an income. This article outlines some of the key points to speedy article writing and includes proven methods to help.

If you already have a website then you are almost there, as the subject of your site should give you an almost unlimited amount of material to write about. The first paragraph should introduce the article in 3 or 4 sentences and then at the end of the paragraph, give the aim of the article.

If you are using keywords to gain a good search engine placing then it is essential that your keyword is in the title of the article. The keyword also needs to be in the first paragraph and the last. The main body of the article should contain the keyword 2 to 3 times depending on the length of the article. Too many keywords will be counterproductive when search engines look to rank your article.

Content is vital if the reader is to take an interest in the article and follow up for further information. The best place is to research your subject on the Internet and then cut and paste key points and place in to a word file for editing later on. I use a piece of software to help me research all my articles as this is a much quicker method than manually going to each web page and noting the relevant points. Good software can save you hours of work, believe me!

Another method I recommend to help develop speedy article writing is to rewrite articles you have already written. A good article can literally be written as many times as you like, so long as the content is good enough to keep the reader interested. A little further research can add more content and enhance any article. Trial and error has shown me the best length for any article is about 400 - 500 words.

Another good point to help with speedy article writing is to be wordy. Write as if you are writing to a friend, not as though you are writing dissertation. Keep the sentences short and to the point and try not to use language that people don't understand.

So to conclude this brief article on speedy article writing, make sure you have good quality keywords in the key places. Research for content and don't be afraid to rewrite articles over and over again. Use good software to help as this will save you lots of time in dissertation research and planning. Can you guess what the keywords were in this article?

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