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Several Ways To Improve Your Writing Skills

During the process of studying you may be given a number of different written assignments. The requirements may vary from writing of a simple book report or a five-paragraph essay to writing a dissertation on evaluation of modern literature genres. These assignments may aim at teaching you how to describe things or to compare them, improve your writing skills and other abilities a developed individual requires nowadays. There are several types of academic assignments that are meant to assess the ability of the student to analyze and compose the outlook according to several things, objects and events.

This assignment is known as a compare and contrast essay among students. In compare and contrast essay writing it is essential to choose the objects with definite traits, features to compare and contrast. But the features or objects you choose have to possess similarity that can be compared, different or similar features brought under one category. You can not compare the taste of juice and the smell of flowers, but it is possible to compare them if you find something in common, for example the pleasure you get both from tasting juice and smelling fresh flowers.

Even this plain example is a bit confusing, but it shows that the first thing compare and contrast essay teaches you to do is to analyze and define. A good idea would be to make a two-column chart and note all characteristics of one of the objects in the first column and the other object's - in the second.

After enlisting you start the evaluation; you can make another chart, putting differences in one of the columns and similarities in another. After doing these technical preparations, you may start actual dissertation writing process. Start from introduction where you place your thesis statement you've established according to your research ( In the main body you focus on differences and similarities of objects or events or any other matters you compare.

A conclusion should be brief, logical and revealing the main idea. Another thing your essay should reveal is your intelligence, your writing skills, your acknowledgement in this matter and your ability to analyze information.

Sometimes the requirements to the essay are set by the tutor, but if you were given nothing more than a statement or a title, you are to do a little research on structure types and styles. It is essential to formulate term papers essay idea correctly. A standard structure of introduction, main body and conclusion is present in any written assignment, but each of the types existing has its unique requirements and styles.

The best advice will be to choose the style, that best corresponds to the approach you take in your assignment; everything involves your opinion you have to state in every type of essay.

You have to write and act according to the point of view you've established. If you stick to this piece of advice, your assignment will be duly completed.

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