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Tips In Writing A Dissertation Thesis

The stress one could suffer from while doing dissertation thesis can be quite tremendous. Just imagine collecting tons of idea, interviewing a lot of people, analyzing for days and writing tens or even hundreds of pages. However, there are "small" things that you can do in order to lessen the stress. A stress-free state could lead to optimum mental and physical health which in turn could lead to a Grade A dissertation thesis.

Music, particularly classical music, has been proven time and again to optimize the mental abilities of individuals- the reason why pregnant mothers listen to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Sebastian Bach often. Although some prefer a perfectly silent place in order to concentrate, students who like music could listen to it when doing their thesis. Listening to music will not only increase concentration but will relax the body and the mind as well.

Chances are, when writing, you'll be stuck in front of the computer screen in the same position for a very long time. The strain on your eyes, wrist, back and neck will force you to stop from time to time, cutting off concentration. When encoding data or writing your dissertation thesis drafts, make sure you are in a comfortable and proper position to lessen the strain on your body.

Being organized - one of the most important styles of work - is also important in doing a dissertation thesis. Keeping reminders such as deadlines, ideas to check out, books to borrow (and return to the library, for that matter), interview schedules, appointments to follow up, citations to place in the draft etc. Should help students keep track of time and the progress of the dissertation thesis.

Planners, personalized calendars, post-its, stickers and personal digital assistants (PDAs) could be used to help. Knowing that you have complete control over things allow you to relax with the knowledge that you have all things covered. Keeping track of things also lessen stress as it allows students to foresee possible disasters and thus prevent them.

Keep index cards, yellow sheets and even a micro cassette recorder in hand. One will never know when a bright idea on a dissertation thesis will strike. Closely related to being organized is the need to plan ahead in doing the dissertation thesis. Doing things in advance will give you enough lead time to troubleshoot should problems arise so there will be no more worries. Research in advance, write in advance and submit your drafts in advance.

And lastly, the key to writing dissertation thesis stress-free is to keep a healthy attitude. If you keep on worrying and worrying about your dissertation thesis, chances are, you are more bound not to finish it on time and even if you do, will not produce a good output. When things are already too much to handle, it will do good to take some time off. Remember that you are not a robot: your body and mind can only take so much. Taking a few moments off will refresh your body and mind to finish the dissertation thesis.

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