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Research For Turning Your Dissertation Into Bookscript Manual


Complete additional research needed for your book before you begin writing a dissertation. If new chapters are added make sure you have all background materials needed before writing the chapters.

MAKE A LIST What will you have to do? Pour over diaries? Find original letters? Read speeches? Locate rare books? Make a list of everything you have to do before. This will keep you on track and will ensure that you do not omit anything.

ALLOT TIME How much time do you need to complete all research? One month? Two months? Three months? Place the necessary research time into your schedule. Take into account your other obligations. In some cases, research can take longer than writing your manuscript. Allot the necessary time. Above all, do not stint on research time. Your writing will flow smoother if you have all materials necessary before you begin writing.

THINK THROUGH YOUR RESEARCH After you finish your research think through what you have. Go over your chapter outlines. Do you have enough information to write without stopping to do additional research?

Make a list of questions that will need answering as you complete your book project. Do you have the necessary material to answer those questions? If so, you are ready to begin writing. If not, then take time now to finish your dissertation.

Doing good research will help you focus your idea. It will also help you frame your book project.

Once you get over your initial resistance to research, you will find it can be one of the most exciting parts of the writing process. Good research paves the way for the smooth unfolding of your book manuscript.

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